Thoughts for Sunday 7th June

Thoughts on Trinity Sunday by Robin Hutt Over 30 years ago the Anglican writer Christopher Bryant, following Orthodox tradition,  suggested that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are like the arms of the Father, drawing us to himself.  In a time of coronavirus lock-down many of us are deeply missing being able to hug people we love.  … [Read more…]

Thought for Sunday 24th May

From Peter Thomas My first knowledge of Ascension Day was In Miss Sellick’s class in primary school, I sat next to Andrew Carpenter. One day he was not in school – and when he returned the next day, a Friday, I asked if he was OK, whether he had been ill, seeking an explanation for … [Read more…]

Thought for Sunday 17th May

From Tony Cox Palace of the Five Winds I watched a programme a while ago on the National Geographical Chanel, about India, and a place called Agra. Many tourist have gone there and stood in the moonlight to admire the Taj Mahal. Not so many know the rose-red city of Fatehpur Sikri, twenty miles away, … [Read more…]

Thought for Sunday 10th May

From Elaine Cox Before Tony and I left Cornwall and ‘retired’ to Taunton almost ten years ago, I had the privilege of working for three years at a respite centre for adults with learning disabilities in our village. The Centre was called Chy Keres (Cornish for ‘Cherry Tree’), and is part of Hft, formerly the … [Read more…]

Thoughts for Easter Day

Some thoughts from Chris Brown There is something that often seems to be forgotten about the first Easter day. That is the confusion. I think, maybe, we have become so used to hearing the story as people turn up at the empty tomb, believe Jesus has risen from the dead and go away rejoicing and … [Read more…]

Thoughts for Maundy Thursday

Thought for Maundy Thursday from Deborah Kirk The Last Supper (1592-1594)  : Jacopo Robusti ‘Tintoretto’   This is one of my favourite pictures of the Last Supper.  It is perhaps not how we usually imagine the Upper Room to be.  Instead of privacy and intimacy, there is busyness and activity, servants preparing food, serving girls waiting … [Read more…]

Thoghts for Palm Sunday

Peter Thomas has provided some thoughts for Sunday Thought for the Week – Palm Sunday To this day the walk from the Mount of Olives down into Jerusalem is overwhelming. For other journeys the route is ambiguous – the Via Dolorosa, the Cross to the Tomb – but the track from Bethany to cross the … [Read more…]

Layworker chat

Hello! I’m Emmaline and I am the Layworker at Bridgwater Methodist Church. During a normal week, I am busy running Mum and baby groups, conversation groups and liaising with as many people as I can to find out what is happening in the local community and how I can be a part of it. As … [Read more…]

Thoughts for 22nd March

From David Clitheroe I thought the present crisis suspending church services was a disguised blessing to a preacher who always finds Mothering Sunday problematic; but now I have been asked to write this thought so I am not off the hook. Why problematic? Well firstly its origins have nothing to do with our mothers. Rather … [Read more…]