Bridgwater Preachers



We look forward to welcoming you to Bridgwater Methodist Church and here is just a little help while you prepare your services.


Listed below are some songs we are learning. You are welcome to include one of them in your service but it is not in any way a requirement to do so. You are also free, of course, to include others that we don’t know. This list is given simply as a guide. These are all from Singing the Faith unless otherwise indicated.


Latest list:

62 Our God is an awesome God (this one is quite short)

63 Over all the earth

15 The splendour of the King

152 This is the day

263 Hosanna in the highest

424 God forgave my sin


Previuos choices (please pick from these as well)

35 The feast is ready to begin
58 Lord, I come before your throne of grace
331 King of Kings, Majesty
489 All I once held dear
693 Beauty for brokeness
729 Touch the earth gently