Lisieux Way Preachers

Worship at Lisieux Way

We are looking forward to your coming to lead worship and preach at Lisieux Way Methodist Church and here are some notes to help you as you prepare.

We have committed ourselves to making sure we have worship that is relevant to a modern world and would very much appreciate your support in our efforts.

Morning Worship

We would humbly like to suggest some different styles of worship that you might consider using. There is no compulsion to do this but simply ask that you consider if it might be something that would suit your ideas for worship. Please don’t feel obliged to use these suggestions – we are still happy to have a traditional service (from time to time).

  1. Praise service (this one is fixed for the first Sunday of the month and is indicated as such on the plan).
  2. Participation Service
  3. Teaching Service
  4. Mixed up worship

Praise Services

These could be services of a very modern nature. The service is still up to you, of course, but here is a suggestion. We would like you to pick at least three modern worship songs from either Mission Praise or Singing the Faith. These could be sung as a block (perhaps with some interspersed prayers) at the beginning of the service followed by a chance for people from the congregation to suggest songs. You could also encourage the congregation to take a further part by giving testimony or praying out loud. This style of worship is very flexible so please feel free to experiment.

Suggested order of Worship

  • Welcome
  • Time of Praise (3+ worship songs and contributions to the worship)
  • Time of Listening (Readings and Sermon)
  • Time of responding (Prayers and songs/hymn)

Participation Service

This would be generally of a modern and relaxed style of worship. However the Sermon might be around 10 minutes long and would then allow for a time of dialogue with the congregation. They could then ask questions about what you have just said, or you could ask questions to see if they were listening! This could be followed by talking together about what we can do to respond to this.

Suggested order of Worship

  • Welcome
  • Worship Songs
  • Prayers
  • Hymn/Song
  • Readings
  • Talk
  • Discussion
  • Our response
  • Hymn/Song
  • Blessing

Teaching Service

This can take any style but the sermon could be weighted towards Bible teaching and can be longer than normal if it seems appropriate (doesn’t have to be).

Mixed up worship

This would be a combination of modern worship and traditional Methodist worship. Generally involves the selection of some hymns and some worship songs. Please feel free to experiment in this worship.

As I said at the beginning – we understand that the Holy Spirit guides you in your preparation and that you must respond to what you believe God wants you to do. In essence we are willing to try any style of worship you might want to use with us.

Evening Worship

We don’t mind what you do. We are happy for you to experiment but you might like to know that we are always happy to sing modern songs and have a modern style of worship.

Thanks for your consideration.

Rev Chris Brown


Our Mission Praise goes up to number 1021

We have a projector (although it is only available when there is someone who knows how to use it, this will usually mean mornings only– please ask if in doubt).

We are willing to try songs outside of any books but obviously this means we need music for the musicians and words for the congregation (can be projected – see above).

We have a singing group who can practice previously unknown songs with enough notice (they meet once a month) – not necessary for picking new ones.

We have a trained worship leader (see plan) if you want to make use of them.

We can arrange our chairs in any way you would like (providing we can get them all in of course). Please give the Stewards plenty of notice if you want to make use of this.

We have people who are willing to do pretty much anything in a service (read, act, etc) just ask – in plenty of time.