Covid-19 Information Page

Resources to make use of during this time are further down this page.

From April 4th (Easter Day) Temple, Rowbarton, Bridgwater, Pawlett and Lisieux Way will be back to meeting in our buildings as we usually do (e.g. as per the plan). This will still mean social distancing and all precautions being taken as previously.
North Curry will remain closed in April.
Middlezoy will recommence from 11th April.

There will be Holy Week Services online:
Tuesday evening bible study – ZOOM
Thursday 10:30am ZOOM and 7:30pm Youtube
Friday 9:30am Youtube and 10:30am ZOOM

We continue to meet online on Sundays.

9:30am Youtube Service

10:30am ZOOM  (until 4th April and then moving to 6:30pm)

For ZOOM events please contact the Superintendent Minister for an invitation.

Churches should take advice from the Methodist Church guidelines which are published on the official national Methodist web site (click here) …
They have also issued some safeguarding recommendations here ….

Resources to use during this time

There is a Facebook group for members of the Circuit to make use of here…

If you would like to know how to connect to Facebook and make better use of the Internet I am putting together a guide to help, just follow this link …

At the risk of answering everyone’s technology questions I am willing to help anyone who is struggling to use the Web. If you have never bought a computer – this might be a good time to get one, for the sake of your wider family as well – Chris.  I am sure family and friends and other church folk will help you as well.

Resources to use for home worship ….

Resources to use for Daily Devotions and Prayer

Daily Readings From the Methodist Web Site …

Daily Prayers from the Methodist Web Site …

Prayer wall for ideas of things to pray about or to post your own …

24-7 Prayer Web Site …