Resources to use for shutdown Sunday worship

Here are some things you can use for worship at home on a Sunday.

Daily worship and prayer resources have been moved to the new prayer page here ….

There are weekly resources produced by the Methodist Church for worship and you can access them here ….

Bible Readings

Readings for each Sunday

Prayers etc you can use for a home service

Streamed Worship (stuff you can watch online)

Rowbarton are doing a recorded service but with some participation every Sunday at 9:30am (this time may change in the coming weeks). See their web page for details

Lisieux Way also invite the rest of the Circuit to join them in a Zoom Meeting at 10:30am. If you would like to participate them please email the Superintendent and he will email you a link nearer the time.

Plymouth Methodist Central Hall Streamed service (I understand it will be on their youtube channel)

Westminster Central Hall youtube channel streamed service (note you will be asked to subscribe but I don’t think it is necessary to subscribe to view the service)

National Methodist Web Site – various resources available here., including another streamed service.

Thought for the day each Sunday

We are no longer publishing the thought for Sunday here as churches are beginning services again. However, if you are still shut in and desperate for something to think about then please visit the Super’s Blog (

Thoughts for Sunday 19th April

Thoughts for Easter Day

Thoughts for Good Friday

Thoughts for Maundy Thursday

Thoughts for Palm Sunday (5th April)

Thought for Sunday 29th March

Thought for Sunday 22nd March.