Layworker chat


I’m Emmaline and I am the Layworker at Bridgwater Methodist Church.

During a normal week, I am busy running Mum and baby groups, conversation groups and liaising with as many people as I can to find out what is happening in the local community and how I can be a part of it. As well as offering ways in which people can connect together to talk about life and its meaning through the Christian faith.

Of course, this has not been a normal week, but nor has that stopped me! I am still very much a part of the community. Supporting locals both practically and emotionally. It is important in a time of crisis, to be there for one another. And if you are in a role, where people may turn to you for guidance or reassurance, to do exactly that.

One way in which I connect with my community is through a discussion group. We meet weekly and I set topics for people to have a conversation about. It can be anything from health to New Years Resolutions. It is a great way to get people to open up a bit about what they feel and also helps us all to learn the very important lesson of LISTENING. Perhaps something we are not always great at.

I am always looking for something that will make people think. Whether that is a workshop I can put on or a question I can pose. Often we can be swept away with our busy lives (or even consumed by the here and now) but offering a thought that would allow some mindfulness and perhaps a sense of joy, I hope could be a useful thing.

So that’s me! Keep looking back at our blog for more anecdotes and stories as we attempt to keep in contact with you all.

More from me soon 🙂