God in love unites us

Here is a list of some resources you might find helpful in exploring the marriage and relationships stuff

Main Methodist web site report and resources
Includes the report itself and various resources to explore what it says.

Living with contradictory convictions code of conduct
A code of conduct to help us ensure our conversations are as full of grace as they should be.

Talking of marriage and relationships overview
resources produced for the 2018 Conference

Difficult conversations
stuff from the 2016 Conference

Equality and Diversity Toolkit
Resources concerning equality and diversity

Methodist Evangelicals Together Resources
Resources from the Evangelicals of the Methodist Church

Dignity and Worth Resources
Produced by a Methodist Group promoting inclusivity

Church of England’s Evangelical Council
Some resources produced by the Evangelical wing of the Church of England when they were considering similar issues, which they titled ‘Living in love’

Open Church Network
An organisation promoting LGBT+ rights in the church

Article from Steve Chalke
supporting same-sex relationships. See this video also from Steve Chalke
See also a fuller article for Steve Chalke on the topic

Article about three same-sex attracted church leaders
they take a celibate approach to their feelings. See this video also from Mark Alberry.

Ravi Zacharias a Christian Apologist (someone who defends the faith)
Explains he and his International Organisations view.