Thoughts for Sunday 26th July

From Tony Cox

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

How easy it is to blame someone else for the faults around us. ”I wasn’t consulted so it can’t be laid at my door!”  “I may have said something about it, but I honestly can’t recall what!”  “It all happened so fast I didn’t have time to do anything!”  “Nobody would have listened to me so I let them get on with it!”  “To be honest I have too many other things todo to get tied up in petty little squabbles!”  “I could see how it was going to turn out in the end, so you couldn’t expect me to put my name to such a fiasco!”  “You can’t just-walk in and change the rules, its only what he deserves!”  “Don’t bother me at the moment: I am busy!”  “I told you what would happen. I wash my hands of the whole affair!

. . . . . . . So, who DID crucify Jesus?

Was it Judas, who may have honestly thought that he was doing the right thing?  If only Jesus would show the authorities who He really was. If only He would do things ‘my way’!

Was it Peter, who was all ‘Bon-Ami’ and promises until the chips were down, and then he denied knowing Him?

Was it the other disciples, who shared His reflected glory until things went wrong, and then ran away?

Was it the Chief Priest, a Godly man who worried for his people, and his position?

Was it the Sanhedrin, the religious rulers, who carried out the ‘party line’ no matter what the crowd might think?

Was it the crowd? One lot doing what they were told to do by the officials.

The other lot not wanting to get involved – it could spoil the holiday!

Was it the soldiers, who may have seen something but were only obeying orders?

Was it Pontius Pilate, who saw no wrong in Jesus, but all the same washed his hands of the whole affair?

Was it me, Lord? I have done all these things in my lifetime, and in doing so may have turned people away from You.

Over the period of Lent we searched our hearts, faced ourselves and sought God’s will. Because of Easter we can take all these aspects of ourselves to the cross and seek His forgiveness and blessing, for


Deep peace of the running wave to you – Deep peace of the flowing air to you – Deep peace of the quiet earth to you – Deep peace of the shining stars to you – Deep peace of the Prince of Peace to you.

Yours in Christ, Tony