Mission Statement

The mission statement of TDSS Circuit is

‘To be Pilgrim People – on a journey:

honouring God, sharing our faith, respecting and helping all.’

Our circuit priorities: worked out through the Circuit Meeting

and the Circuit Leadership Team

  • Action to help where there is need
  • Developing confidence to share our faith with others  
  • Care, respect, inclusion and love for all
  • Belief that we have a future

We believe that the role of the circuit is twofold:

  1. Commitment to ministry.
    Realised in our ministers, churches and local leadership teams, employees and members

We recognise that the local church is the unit of mission in our circuit and that the circuit exists to provide support to each local church to achieve these priorities in the most relevant and contextual way for their local community. We also recognise that circuit ministers are a key resource for re-shaping the structures of the local church to reflect these priorities.

In commitment to ministry we will

  • Encourage and support those in ministry (lay and ordained) and care for their wellbeing
  • Enable churches to undertake, where relevant, a community audit  
  • Direct circuit resources to projects which reflect our circuit priorities  
  • Disseminate information about and encourage local engagement with national, ecumenical and District initiatives which reflect our priorities
  • Regularly review our priorities in the light of an ever-changing cultural and local landscape
  • Ensure that we comply with safeguarding policies and procedures
  • Commitment to supporting the mission of the local church.

In promoting God-centred worship and prayer we will:

  • Support the training and development of our ordained and lay people including local preachers, worship leaders and others
  • Offer communities around us safe places of worship, acceptance and inclusion
  • Encourage the worship of God in places other than our buildings
  • Encourage varied worship styles and services
  • Encourage and support the use of technology and the Internet in our churches

To enable Action to help where there is need we will:

  • Support our churches to provide safe, welcoming, warm, well-maintained, disability and child-friendly, inclusive premises to give space and opportunity for church and community activities
  • Encourage our churches to give generously, but with due thought and prayer of time and money for God’s work in the world
  • Encourage and support our churches to work for justice and peace, and care for the environment in the local area, the nation and the world
  • Work with other agencies, including Citizens Somerset, committed to the welfare of our communities. 

In Developing confidence to share our faith with others we will:

  • Enable churches to write mission plans  
  • Encourage our churches to witness to their faith through responding to need in their communities and the wider world
  • Encourage our churches to engage with initiatives which are designed to encourage growth in understanding of 21st century mission and evangelism
  • Promote the work of the District Mission Enabler and Learning Network and enlist their help in understanding mission in our local context
  • Encourage us all to consider how our plans for events, groups, use of technology and buildings helps share our faith
  • Encourage churches to be intentional learning communities to grow individual discipleship
  • Engage with the God For All strategy
  • Engage with Christian Communities in Conversation

In Encouraging fresh ways of being church we will:

  • Encourage those who want to try fresh expressions of church
  • Encourage a positive attitude to risk – i.e. it is OK to fail as long as we have tried
  • Support and encourage the use of the Internet and technology throughout the life of the Circuit

Showing Care, respect, inclusion and love for all we will:

  • Support and resource churches in discipleship
  • Encourage a circuit-wide culture of support, safety, diversity, inclusion and respect for all.

Demonstrating a Belief that we have a future we will:

  • Encourage a positive view of the future that depends on God’s grace
  • Accept change within the Circuit
  • Continue to develop links with neighbouring Circuits
  • Plan for growth