Anyone is welcome to join us for worship in one of the churches in our circuit. Churches hold their worship at different times so it is best to check out the page of the church you are hoping to attend or take a look at the circuit plan for more information.

Families are welcome and many of our churches have a Junior Church – check out what it says on each churches page on this site.

Our worship revolves, in the main, around the singing of hymns and exploring the bible. Each church will have a communion service about once a month (details on the circuit plan) and all those who seek God in Jesus are welcome to take part – including children.

We work hard to try and make everyone feel welcome and at home, as well as exploring our faith in ways relevant to today’s world.

We do not expect people to believe certain things before they attend and are happy to explore faith in an open and intelligent way – understanding that we are a part of the Christian church who believes in the things that traditional Christian churches believe in.